Couple uses MemoryFox to capture timeless video and pictures at their Wedding

The Problem:  The bride and groom wanted their big wedding day to be perfect. They did not want to chase people down for videos and pictures (content) after the event, and getting people to upload content to Dropbox/Google Drive was expected to be a painful chore.  They also didn’t think that people would really use an Instagram hashtag as they never used it themselves. They knew that often people would pay for videographers or video booths as well to help in capturing images and video, but the cost for these services was not within their budget.  

The Solution:  The wedding planner set up an iPad at the event so guests could come and capture video messages quickly throughout the wedding. Guests were able to respond to prompts such as ‘Tell us something you love about the bride and groom’ by creating short videos responses. The result was an amazing video montage that was presented to the couple after the wedding of the special messages from their guests.  

We had our reservations about how difficult it would be for people at our wedding to use the app but we had no complaints and a ton of great videos.  Thanks!!

Why MemoryFox?

  • Be a hero by showing your attendees you care with a unique interactive experience! 
  • Curate a portfolio of successful events 
  • Easily collect authentic videos and pictures that can be used and re-used 
  • Much more affordable and engaging than a videographer 
  • Ability to keep media private if desired

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