UB School of Management Captures Web-Accessibility Compliant MBA Advantage Content Using MemoryFox

The Problem:  Every August, the University at Buffalo School of Management hosts a two-week orientation called the MBA Advantage program. The program enables first year MBA students to participate in numerous team building activities and network with UB staff, second year MBA students, and alumni. At Advantage, typically one person is responsible for capturing photos and videos (content) and posting them to various social media. Since this is a very time-consuming process and difficult for one person to accomplish effectively, the content manager is limited to how much content they can produce and upload.

There are software vendors who can assist with this process, but they are not compliant with NYS Web Accessibility Policy (WAP).  UB needed a software that fully complied with the WAP in order to make UB content accessible to everyone.

The Solution:  The flexible MemoryFox platform was quickly upgraded to become fully compliant with UB’s WAP, which “requires its web content to be accessible to everyone, including people with physical, sensory, or cognitive impairments, with or without the use of assistive technology.” Since MemoryFox is fully compliant with NYS VPAT, any speech from videos is automatically converted to text via a readable script. 

Compliance with the WAP also means we support people who are limited to audio or video usage only, those without hearing abilities, and those with limited hearing abilities. Therefore, University at Buffalo (and any other SUNY school) can use MemoryFox to its fullest potential without worrying about compliance issues. Universities will be able to collaboratively capture content and then use that content to create memorable stories with a lasting impact on their school’s mission.

The Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) is a document which evaluates how accessible a particular product is according to the Section 508 Standards.   By adding speech to text technology, MemoryFox was able to help UB adhere to these rigorous standards.

Why MemoryFox?

  • Compliant with NYS Web Accessibility Policy
  • Be a hero by showing stakeholders that you care with a unique interactive experience!
  • Curate a portfolio of successful events
  • Easily collect authentic videos and pictures that can be used and re-used

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