MemoryFox or it's like it never happened...

How many of your events go by without a single picture or video to show for it?

Adding Memoryfox to every event is an easy and valuable way for you and your clients to have proof that the money they spent was worth it.  Be a hero by showing your attendees you care with a unique interactive experience, while also curating a portfolio of your own successful events!


What is Memoryfox? 

A  guided content collecting and sharing tool that your event holders can use to capture videos and pictures at their event  At the conclusion of the event, you can then present that media in the form of a downloadable story page.

How do I use MemoryFox?  3 Easy Steps!

Before the Event: Dream up the “Actions” you’d like guests to engage with, maybe even riff with your client about it.

During the Event:  Release the hounds!  Share the unique event code with on our printable “Event Cards” and let the picture & video capturing fun begin.

After the Event: Generate your PRIVATE and protected story page with your client’s pictures and videos. Content for them AND for you – the way it should be.

Man! That app is SO SLICK! Thanks for sending! Everyone LOVED using it so big thumbs up on that one!

So what can I use MemoryFox for?

  • Corporate Events
  • Nonprofit Fundraisers
  • Alumni Events
  • University Recruitment Events
  • Conferences
  • Weddings
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Holiday Parties
  • Trade Shows

Anytime a great story is told, we’ll be there to help you capture it.