Corporate Waterside Event Using MemoryFox

A local business had an exciting team-building event planned at an event space in San Diego, CA called The Point. They wanted to make sure this was a loose and fun experience that bonded their employees closer together. It was also important to leadership that the event was digitally captured to show their team—and others throughout the organization—the return on their investment. 

To facilitate this, they needed a way to capture media of employees having fun and coming together as a team. They also wanted to avoid an expensive videographer but also keep inappropriate, off-brand content from being uploaded directly to social media. 

Event attendees were provided with easy log-in instructions for MemoryFox’s browser app (no download required!), allowing them to collaboratively capture and store video/photos that highlighted the team-bonding experience. With everything from pontoon boat rides to scavenger hunts, they were able to capture it all and work together as a team while doing it. 

At the end of the event, the employees were treated to fun (and hilarious) multi-media recap of their event, which they’ll have to cherish and show others that their organization is a family that cares.

Man! That app is SO SLICK! Thanks for sending! Everyone LOVED using it so big thumbs up on that one!
  • Be a hero by showing your attendees you care with a unique interactive experience! 
  • Curate a portfolio of successful events 
  • Easily collect authentic videos and pictures that can be used and re-used 
  • Much more affordable and engaging than a videographer 
  • Ability to keep media private if desired

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